We’re aware that our work is the compass guiding our clients’ decisions and actions. Today, we need to gather and process information at an extremely fast pace, but we also appreciate it reaching us in an accurate and reliable way.

We’re inquisitive and curious, and we’re backed up by research techniques that help us find more (and better) information about people, markets, brands and society.

We’re meticulous and precise. We work with reliable information and effective solutions in the shortest possible time.

We have no limits
If you can imagine it...we can do it.


Data research, collection, processing and delivery.

We’re an important partner for those who want to understand the world in order to take more effective decisions.


  • Alicia Marbán
    Working with successful people is always an honor and besides, working with Patricia Ramirez makes your day to day much easier. Patricia empowers all types of projects with high performance, promotes their responsibility and builds confidence. The passion with which she works establishes her professionalism, her extreme quality and her total involvement.
    Alicia Marbán
    Consultant at IQVIA
  • Covadonga García
    In the world of market research, it’s vital for any process to be high-quality. In this respect, Patricia Ramírez’s work is excellent and complies with all the standards of excellence required in this sector. So, when it comes to any study-related aspect she’s responsible for, the client will always feel satisfied by the optimal results achieved under this research professional’s watch
    Covadonga García
    Project Manager at Ipsos Marketing Madrid
  • Ana Martínez
    I’ve had the opportunity to work with Patricia Ramírez several times and she has always shown that she’s a professional dedicated to her work. She’s rigorous, proactive, organised and a problem-solver, resulting in excellent quality work. The years of experience behind her have made her a top professional, taking on highly complex projects, and always displaying a high degree of involvement, ability and leadership
    Ana Martínez
    Research consultant at GFK
  • Esther Fuentes
    For over 10 years, my professional relationship with Patricia Ramírez has been based on trust, reliability and the excellent quality of the work she’s delivered. Her experience and professionalism has been fundamental to the success of the projects we’ve worked on together
    Esther Fuentes
    Project Manager- Ims Health